AA Aquarium AAUV3WR Green Killing Machine Clip-On UV Filter

AA Aquarium AAUV3WR Green Killing Machine Clip-On UV Filter

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The green killing machine internal UV system with power head is a completely submersible UV system and power head in one. UV radiation is effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, molds and other pathogens, in turn controlling algae growth. Water flows in direct contact with the UV lamp, intensifying its function of fighting green water. In addition, it can be hidden behind ornaments in your aquarium, cutting back on tubing around your tank. The unit is designed for water to flow through in a zig zag pattern to maximize the exposure to the UV bulb making it incredibly efficient and pump included simple 1-2-3 installation submersible assembly no external pipes or plumbing suction cup mounting - no hardware required led signals need for UV bulb replacement electrically child safe 12v low voltage design zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time radiation at a wavelength of 254mn making the unit extremely effective filtration pump and sponge inclusive.  MADE IN AN EPA REGISTERED ESTABLISHMENT



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