Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes - 1 oz

Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes - 1 oz

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Cat Man Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes are just that. Our Bonito Flakes are two to three times larger than that of our competitors. CatManDoo now offers the one and only stay fresh nitrogen sealed container on the market. This makes our Bonito Flakes comparable to no other All Natural No Additives No Preservatives High Protein Healthy Meal Additive The makers of CatManDoo developed technology which extracts the oxygen from our containers and immediately seals them tightly. No other Bonito Flakes on the market today are being packaged using this technology. This stay fresh packaging allows our Bonito Flakes to stay as fresh on the store shelf as they were on the day we packaged them. The flakes will maintain their beautiful pinkish tan color, they will no longer become dry and brittle and there will be minimal shrinkage and settling. Ingredients: Dried Bonito Crude Protein min. 76 Fat min. 3 Crude Fiber max. 1 Moisture max. 12 Taurine min. 35Not intended as a meal substitute.



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