Equine Horse Heave Ho - Apple Flavor - 30 Serving

Equine Horse Heave Ho - Apple Flavor - 30 Serving

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Heave Ho Equine Supplement by Equine Medical and Surgical Associates Heave Ho is a natural nutritional horse supplement developed for breathing allergies, COPD, and coughing. It helps open airways, clear mucus, and stop coughing. This specially formulated, powdered combination of natural herbs, minerals, and maximum strength vitamin E helps fortify a horse's immune system using phytonutrients, immune modulators and adaptogens to help deal with stress of breathing issues, and anti-inflammatories. Features: Gluten-free, Non-GMO, no artificial colors Certified melamine-free, pesticide-free, lead-free and drug-free Certified low in sugar, starch and fructan Comes in two flavors - Molasses and Sugar-Free Apple for Insulin Resistant/Cushings horses Manufacturer's money-back guarantee Item Specifications: Size: 30 servings Ingredients: Contains 8,215 IU per oz./5,784 IU per scoop vitamin E, and natural herbs in a great tasting proprietary blend of echinacea, spirulina, lemon balm, mullein, willow, green tea, eleuthero root and reishi. Directions for Use: First-time users: Mix 1 scoop (2 Tbsp) in morning feed and 1 scoop in evening feed for 7 days in a row, then switch to regular schedule. Regular schedule: Mix 1 scoop (2 Tbsp) daily in morning feed. Most horses respond in 10-14 days with improved respiratory rates, less cough and calmer attitudes from being able to breathe better. Due to lemon balm and green tea (low level caffeine), withdraw Heave Ho 3 days prior to competition. Do not compete at tested events when using Heave Ho. Measuring scoop included.



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