Eye Envy NR Solution Cat 8 oz

Eye Envy NR Solution Cat 8 oz

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Eye Envy, founded in 2001 in Torrance, California, is world famous for its safe and all natural tear stain remover for dogs and cats. In the early days, the product became popular among cat breeders looking to remove tear stains from their show cats, but soon thereafter its effectiveness was also discovered by the dog market. Years later, Eye Envy launched its Non-Refrigerated "NR" version, giving the product a longer shelf life which made it appealing to pet boutiques and the retail market. Since its inception, the company has grown with worldwide distribution and maintained its philosophy of only including the best ingredients in its products. Our All-Natural Tear Stain Remover for Cats is a topical 2 step process: Step 1) Clean the area with the Solution Step 2) Apply Powder (not included in this order). Our Tear Stain Remover does not contain Tylosin or antibiotics. Eye Envy Solutions are natural and do not contain preservatives, bleach, peroxide, steroids, or other harmful agents. It is applied topically and this safe, non-irritating, effective cleanser and beautifier removes unsightly stains and inhibits dark staining production. Apply daily until the stains disappear (typically 1-2 weeks). After initial stain removal apply once weekly to prevent re-staining of the area. Note: If bleach, peroxide or any whitening agents have been used on tear stains prior to using Eye Envy, the hair shaft may become porous and cause new stains to appear that may set permanently. Unfortunately, Eye Envy will only be able to lighten those stains to a light pink color and stain may not fully disappear. Once treated, the re-growth will be white.



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