Goughnuts - Interactive Chew Toy for Dogs - Ball Orange

Goughnuts - Interactive Chew Toy for Dogs - Ball Orange

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GoughNut Ball Orange - GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each GoughNuts Ball is designed with a multi-axis groove system for the purpose of helping to aid in breathing in a worst case scenario air blockage situation. Sizing is the most important factor and therefore be sure the ball is large enough for your dog (the ball is 3 inches in diameter). The GoughNuts Orange Ball is guaranteed for life. If the ball becomes damaged follow the instruction in the guarantee section of our web site. Safety is our main concern. The GoughNuts Green Orange has great bounce, it floats, it is fun and it is very durable. The GoughNut Ball Orange is an interactive toy, not for constant chewing!!!!!!! Our Original GoughNut ring design is the most durable design and should be used for power chewing.



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