HIKARI Silkworm Selects Koi Food 17.6 oz

HIKARI Silkworm Selects Koi Food 17.6 oz

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Silkworm Selects offers your koi the highly desirable benefits of silkworm without the negative impacts common with other silkworm-type products. Our advanced production techniques and unique formulation processes have allowed us to utilize the whole silkworm pupae, with all its natural nutritional benefits, while avoiding common oxidization issues. The extreme silkworm content offers a supplemental food, rich in natural lipids and proteins, offering your koi the building blocks they require for superior "traditional" growth and "true koi" conformation. Your koi will truly enjoy this unique treat developed deep in the traditions of Japanese koi breeding experts! Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you'll always get the Hikari quality you expect! A uniquely balanced treat for koi using a centuries old traditional ingredient. Proprietary process reduces chances of silkworm oxidation. Adds weight rapidly while improving sheen and luster. Heightened lipid and protein levels. A flavor even the most finicky koi will love.



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