Hikari Wheat Germ (Sinking) 11 Lb - Medium Pellet

Hikari Wheat Germ (Sinking) 11 Lb - Medium Pellet

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More Economical. Will Not Cloud The Water. Contains Stabilized Vitamin C. Promotes resistance to stress. Promotes resistance to infectious disease. Promotes a long, healthy life. Excellent Daily Diet. Superior basic nutrition. Natural enhancing capacity. Superior Growth Rates. Improved Brilliance & Luster To Skin. Can Be Used With Hi-Growth & Gold For Improved Performance. It takes a full ton of wheat-germ to get 100g of wheat-germ oil, an excellent source of vitamin E, linoleic acid and other essential nutrients. Wheat-germ oil has more vitamin E than other cereal oils and more of the vitamin E alpha component found essential for long-term health and vigor. Linoleic acid is a vital component in cell walls and provides necessary hormones to the body, among other know benefits.



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