Mad About Organics All Natural Dog & Cat Oral Care Food Additive Dental Plaque Remover 4oz

Mad About Organics All Natural Dog & Cat Oral Care Food Additive Dental Plaque Remover 4oz

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Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is very important for your pet's overall health. Plaque and tartar buildup causes inflammation of the gums, allowing harmful bacteria to damage your pet's teeth and also travel in the bloodstream to infect other vital organs. We know that veterinary dental cleanings are not only very expensive, but they put your pet at risk from the anesthesia. That's why we developed our Oral Care Food Additive powder; simply add to your pet's wet or dry food daily. The powder works systemically to break down the bacterial bio-film that forms on the teeth and gums, soften existing plaque and tartar, help heal the gums, and freshen your pet's breath. With regular use after a few weeks, existing plaque and tartar build-up will either naturally fall off or you can use a toothbrush to brush it off. Continued use will prevent future plaque and tartar build-up, thus blocking harmful bacteria from causing inflammation and accessing the bloodstream. Our Oral Care Food Additive also works to help repel fleas, boost the immune system, and improve digestion.Organic Ingredient List:Organic (Kelp, Strawberry Leaf, Pumpkin, Flax Meal, Non-Active Brewers Yeast, Fennel, Grapefruit Seed & Grape Seed Powders, Garlic, Blueberries, Cranberries)Nestled in the Pacific Northwest in Eugene Oregon, Mad About Organics started in 2007. Our mission is to take a different approach to protect animals from insects organically, eliminating the traditional toxic chemical treatments that can cause major issues in pets.Like you, we only want the best for our animals and have now developed a complete product line consisting of: Flea and Tick, Advanced Dental Care, Healing Skin/Itch Relief, Soothing Shampoos, Healing Ear Cleaner, Healing Salve and our amazing Healing Liniment.Our goal at Mad About Organics is to continue to provide the safest, most natural and effective animal care products for you and the ones you love.



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