Mad About Organics All Natural Pain-Relieving Herbal Healing Liniment for all Pets 8OZ

Mad About Organics All Natural Pain-Relieving Herbal Healing Liniment for all Pets 8OZ

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This naturally pure liniment with Arnica, Clary Sage, and Comfrey provides fast-acting relief. Our formula dries fast and will not leave the area oily or greasy, making it an ideal choice. Designed to help heal and dissipate fatigued muscles, stiff joints and arthritis pain very quickly, it is also suitable for injuries that require prolonged heat treatment, such as splints, sprains, bruises, bowed tendons, and bucked shins. It creates a cool rush of relief followed by a soothing, deep-penetrating heat that helps reduce swelling while increasing blood flow to the area. Not only does it work well for our pets we found it works just as well on people. We use only human grade certified organic ingredients, with no added chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances or colors. Our products can be used on animals as young as 4 weeks of age as well as pregnant females, and are completely safe if ingested from self-grooming. Best of all you don't have to wear protective gloves to apply any of our products.Organic Ingredient List:Water, Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Arnica, Black Pepper, Butchers Broom, Chamomile, Comfrey, Ginger, Horse Chestnut, Nettle, Germaben II, Cajeput, Clary Sage, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Peppermint and Witch HazelNestled in the Pacific Northwest in Eugene Oregon, Mad About Organics started in 2007. Our mission is to take a different approach to protect animals from insects organically, eliminating the traditional toxic chemical treatments that can cause major issues in pets.Like you, we only want the best for our animals and have now developed a complete product line consisting of: Flea and Tick, Advanced Dental Care, Healing Skin/Itch Relief, Soothing Shampoos, Healing Ear Cleaner, Healing Salve and our amazing Healing Liniment.Our goal at Mad About Organics is to continue to provide the safest, most natural and effective animal care products for you and the ones you love.



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